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What's so special about him

Rating: PG
Pairings: Vettel, Ricciado
Summary:  Seb is becoing increasingly jealous of Dan's popularity
Disclaimer: None of it is real
Authors Notes: Filling a prompt from motorskink

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Know your Place

Rating: Adult/Nc-17
Pairings: Kimi Raikkonen/Romain Grosjean
Summary: Kimi has something to teach Romain about what it means to get to the top of F1
Disclaimer: Not real, none of it happened, just the product of a deranged mind
Warnings: Submisson
Authors Notes: a posting for motorskink about sub!Romain

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In The Cards pt 2

Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Jenson Button/Nico Hulkemberg, Jenson Button/Sebastian Vettel, Nico Hulkemberg/Romain Grosjean
Summary: this time Jenson get's his tarot cards read
Disclaimer: Not real, none of it ever happened
Authors Notes: This is a continuation of In The Cards, this time it's Jenson's turn

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In The Cards

Rating: PG
Pairings: Nico Hulkemberg/Jenson Button
Summary: Nico has his tarot cards read at a party.
Disclaimer: Not real, none of it happened, ever
Authors Notes: A little thing wot I wrote for motorskink

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Ramblings for Today

Ok, today I went to Magik Earth in Shirley, just for a look round and to buy a few bits. First of all I was greeted my a lovely Border Collie cross called Daphne. I made a fuss of her and she gave me a kiss, the lady who owns the shop said 'She likes you'. When I went to pay for my purchases, one of which was Barbara Moore 's Book of Shadow's tarot deck, we got talking about tarot and I showed her my Steampunk deck. The she asked if she could pick a card and I'd read it for her, which I did. She told me I was very talented, I thanked her, gave her my card and told her that if she needed me to read in her shop I was available.

The Universe has been working for me today


Best Served Cold

Rating: PG
Pairings: Mark Webber/Rob Smedley
Summary: Hell hath no fury like lovers scorned, when they get dumped by Fernando and Felipe, Rob and Mark plot the perfect revenge
Disclaimer: None of it is real, never happened just the product of an overactive imagination
Authors Notes: A response to a prompt from motorskink "I have a desire to rock the boat so how about...ooh I don't know....Rob/Mark"

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What Sibi Sees

Rating: Adult

Pairings: Marcel Seiberg/Andre Greipel

Summary: Sibi has a secret that his team leader is happy to indulge

Disclaimer: None of it is true, just the product of too much internet and not enough sleep.

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What will the outcome of the tribunal mean for Mercedes?

Situation – Strength

Underlying Influences – 10 of Pentacles

Pros – 5 of Wands

Cons – The World

Others – The Empress

Lesson – The Fool (reversed)

Situation: Strength

You used your strength to help you, that strength is knowhow, knowing what needs to be done, when and how but now it’s coming back to bite you. The test was done with the best of intentions and the Infinity symbol in this card suggests that the results of the test and the tribunal will be far-reaching and ongoing.

Underlying Influences: 10 of Pentacles

You were hoping to bring everything you and all the other teams were working towards together with this test, hoping that it would unite you all. Uniting everyone and bringing back a family influence back to the paddock was your intention but you seemed to have split the paddock. As with most families, there is friction but this will resolve itself eventually, with a little help.

Pros: Five of Wands

You have come out fighting and taken on all comers to prove that you have done nothing wrong. It feels like you don’t know whom you are fighting and why. Nevertheless, you do know that you will fight to your dying breath for what you believe is right.

Cons: The World

You are feeling that the world is your oyster and you have accomplished everything you set out to do. However, sitting on your laurels will not help you. Don’t take anything for granted, you may think you have done all you need to but don’t get complacent because karma may very well decide to bite you.

Others: The Empress

Riches, abundance, and pleasures are energies that are associated with The Empress. The others in this fight are so wrapped up in this energy that they have lost sight of what really matters, nurturing the sport through some pretty tough times. Feet need to be kept firmly on the ground, now is not the time for grand and costly ideas.

Lesson: The Fool (Reversed)

A reversed Fool is telling you to reign in your impulsiveness, work within the rules, check and recheck the guidelines before you make a move in the future. You cannot make rash decisions and hope for the best anymore.


The testing was done with the best of intentions. To unite the paddock with a better understanding of what needs be done with the tyres and create some harmony. Now you feel like you are fighting everyone and everything but you’re not really sure why anymore. You do know it is important to defend what you believe to be right. You cannot take for granted that it will all be all right in the end, you have to work hard to make sure not all this has been in vain and that lessons will be learned. The most important one is that you must stick to the rules, no more impulsive risk taking, that line must not be crossed anymore because it will cost you dearly.


Team Predictions for the F1 2013 Season

Give me insight into what the season has in store for the following teams.

Red Bull - The Star reversed
Everything The Star represents, hope, guidance and inspiration seems to be trickling away. The innovations made may not be all they should be.

Ferrari - Ace of Pentacles reversed
Material gains and prosperity need to be put on the back burner as is practicality and trust. Caution needs to be thrown to the wind this year, let your heart rule your head.

McLaren - 9 of Pentacles
A job well done, you can sit back and reap the rewards of your hard work, knowing that discipline and self reliance paid dividends

Lotus - Death (Please don't worry, no-one is going to die)
A much needed change is on the horizon. One door is closing as another is opening, this change needs to happen so don't fight it, just roll with it, it will be for the best.

Williams - Wheel of Fortune reversed
Fortunes will change dramatically this season, everything that was in flux will now be bought into sharp focus. Although destiny will be clouded.

Force India - Queen of Pentacles reversed
No nurturing and hand holding for the team this year, they will be thrown in the deep ended and expected to swim. The Down-to-Earth, resourceful team will toughen up to compete with the big boys.

Sauber - 7 of Wands
It's all about defence and protecting your position. You're now seen as a threat so they will be coming at you from all sides.

Mercedes - 4 of Wands
Party Time. Celebrations and excitement will be at the core of the team, freedom from the pre-season stress will finally come and give cause to celebrate.

Caterham - Ace of Swords
Logic and clear thinking are the key to this season. Fortitude will also be needed if you are going to move away from the back of the grid.

Marussia - Queen of Swords reversed
Honesty, expertise and astuteness are all missing this year. Timo's departure left a big hole and the Happy-go-Lucky team is not what it once was anymore, this will be felt through the whole season.


30 Day Tarot Challenge #Day 8

8: Which card do you dread pulling the most?

It's definitely The Tower.

The meaning of The Tower is to have the rug pulled out from under you, something devastating happens and your world crashes around your ears, your foundations are shaken and the walls start to crumble. But out of the chaos & confusion you see the light,  much needed change for the better that is needed in your life comes about.
I pulled this card 3 or 4 years ago when doing a one card reading for f1 teams at the beginning of the season, I pulled it for Lotus and misread it as a sign that things would not go well for them in their battle with Team Lotus (now Caterham) over the Lotus name, a week later Robert Kubica crashes his rally car effectively ending his career, I put my cards away for a few weeks after that. It happened again 2 years ago during the Tour de France, I drew a card every day for an insight into the day's stage, I drew The Tower, which was accompanied by the same sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach I'd had with the Lotus card, so I knew carnage was, if you'll pardon the pun, on the cards. It started just as I left for work, Alberto Contador fell off his bike into a ditch and I knew this was just the start, reports came in all afternoon about riders coming off their bikes, including Alexandre Vinoukourov going head first into a ditch and breaking his thigh, which really freaked me out because I'd named him as a rider that would get hurt. Then the news filtered in that 2 riders had been knocked off their bikes by a car, by that time I was a complete gibbering wreck, I shoved my cards in a draw and vowed never to get them out again. Luckily for me my good friends at TABI talked me out of it. I'm not so freaked out by it, so much, now, I have pulled the card in my daily readings and nothing that bad has happened, but if it's accompanied by the sinking feeling, I know someone's in for a rough ride.